Apache Kafka and FaaS on OpenShift

RedHat Schweiz - Europaallee 41 Zürich - View Map Microservices Zürich
Thu, Apr 20, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

18:00 - Open doors, grab a drink

18:30 - OpenShift and Kafka: a good match?

In this talk we will see if Kafka is a good candidate to be deployed to OpenShift and how Kafkas protocol may help in case pods crash or are rescheduled to different nodes. We will also see some benchmarks that resulted from tests we conducted with different volume types. (Sebastian Cogno, Container Solutions)

19:00 - Containerising Functions using Docker and OpenShift

OpenShift is a convenient programmable platform to explore new service models including Function-as-a-Service. This talk will highlight various Docker and OpenShift integration options of FaaS runtimes in unprivileged (single tenant)
and privileged (multi tenant) mode. It will furthermore demonstrate how to import functions from FaaS providers into the runtimes in order to test them or to host them in a controlled environment (Josef Spillner, ZHAW).

19:30 - Drinks, Snacks & Networking


Thursday, Apr 20
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


RedHat Schweiz
Europaallee 41 Zürich