DevOps tools in a Secure Data Driven World

SMITH & de LUMA - Grubenstrasse 27 Zürich - View Map Microservices Zürich
Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Fresh Spring Start /w Data Science and Containers and how DevOps tools enable us to move faster.

18:00 Doors Opening Apero (Beer/wine, cold snacks)
18:20 Intro
18:30 Talks.
20:00 Q/A and Apero (hot snacks)

More details below:

After a winter break we kick off with a fresh look at containers for developers, in this evening we’ll have a deep dive into what tools that are brewing in the CNCF space to enable developers, data sciences and data engineers get stuff done. We also hope to look at security between containers in a less developer burdened way, but more to come soon...

Please RSVP your spot, as space is limited 60 places.

We have 3 talks planned and one is still open, please feel free to post in the comments below if you have a topic you’d like to present.

Set a new industrial chic and hip venue, in the Binz area, Zurich. hosting, food, and drinks

18:25 Intro: Microservices group Zurich and the CNCF

18:30 Talk: "Bridging the gap in Machine Learning on Kubernetes"

Speaker: Michael Hausenblas, Cloud Native Ambassador and Developer Advocate at Red Hat, @mhausenblas,

In the context of applying machine learning in a real-world setting, for example, to deliver a Machine Learning feature in an app, there exists something one could call a double divide, one gap to be bridged between data scientist on the one hand and data engineers/developers on the other. We’ll discuss challenges and potential solutions concerning the following: 1. managing datasets (versioning), 2. managing models (versioning, interchange), 3. building apps on top of Kubernetes that leverage machine learning. Demo included, followed by Q/A and discussions.

19:15 Talk: "Kicking the types of Kata Containers - a security-focused container execution environment"
Speaker: Seán Murphy, Senior Researcher at ICC Lab, ZHAW School of Engineering,
@seanrmurphy ,
The Kata Containers project is a relatively new project which enables containers to be run within a classical hypervisor - building on the runtimes such as Intel Clear Containers - thus providing greater security. This talk will present the basic concept, the architecture of the system, the current state of the project and some experience getting an early version of the system working.

Followed by Apero and beers/wine

20:00: Talk 3: "Overview of the projects from CNCF and how they help with Microservices"
Speaker: Tobias Brunner, DevOps @ VSHN and part of the APPUiO Team
To date CNCF hosts about 20 projects. I'll introduce the projects which are most usefull for helping securing your Microservices, including Envoy using Istio, Linkerd and OpenTracing."

Followed by General Q/A, Closing remarks,


Thursday, Apr 19
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


Grubenstrasse 27 Zürich