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Microservices Zürich
Mon, May 4, 2020, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

We're back! Join us on May the 4th (B with U) for 3 great talks!


[17:00 - 17:05] Greetings
[17:05 - 17:45] “Trow: A Local Registry for Kubernetes Clusters”, by Adrian Mouat
[17:45 - 18:25] “Cloud Native Transformation Patterns”, by Pini Reznik
[18:25 - 19:05] “The State of Open Source Serverless”, by Jonatas Baldin
[19:05 - 20:00] - Chat & Q&A in the Breakrooms

Talk 1: "A Local Registry for Kubernetes Clusters"

Docker Hub and Quay.io are great for hosting public images, but not so great as the main resource for production clusters or storing highly sensitive images. In these cases, we really want a registry that is as close to the cluster as possible and under control of our organisation. Taking this further, there are advantages to integrating the registry into the cluster, such as more scope for auditing and validating of images.
For these reasons, Container Solutions have developed Trow, an open-source registry that is designed to run *inside* your Kubernetes cluster.
This talk will cover:
- An overview of the registry space
- Why having a registry like Trow is important
- What the OCI Distribution Specification is, why it's important and where it's going
- The current status of Trow and future plans.

Adrian has been involved with containers from the early days of Docker and authored the O’Reilly book “Using Docker” (https://atlas.oreilly.com/oreillymedia/using-docker). He is currently Chief Scientist at Container Solutions, who focus on consulting and product development for microservices and containers. He is currently working on Trow (trow.io), a solution for efficiently and securely distributing container images in Kubernetes clusters.

Talk 2: "Cloud Native Transformation Patterns"

Cloud Native is more than a tool set. It is a full architecture, a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. Going Cloud Native requires an organisation to shift not only its tech stack but also its culture and processes. Patterns can help them avoid these pitfalls.
This talk will tell the story of a typical enterprise as it undertakes a cloud migration and, in the process, show the differences between Waterfall, Agile and Cloud Native approaches.
The story is based on real world experiences gained through five years of consulting in Cloud Native and 20 years of overall IT experience.

Pini Reznik is a Co-founder and CTO of Container Solutions, Pini oversees the architecture and implementation of Cloud Native migrations for organisations from every sector. His work spans two decades in the configuration management field, with current emphasis on DevOps, automation and Cloud Native CI/CD. Pini recently became fascinated with the pattern languages and evolutionary design that help to collect and share knowledge in order to build complex systems in a series of small incremental steps.
Author of an O’Reilly book Cloud Native Transformation

Talk 3: “The State of Open Source Serverless”

Serverless architecture and technologies change the way software is designed and created by removing server management, cutting costs and providing almost “infinite” scalability.
Notably born as a closed source solution with AWS Lambda in 2014, Serverless has grown in the open source and Cloud Native landscape over the years with projects like OpenFaaS and KNATIVE.
In this presentation, Jonatas will talk about the Serverless state in the open source world, walking through projects and their architectures, technologies, achievements, and communities, showing how they got here and discussing their challenges for the future.

Jojo is a Serverless enthusiast, from established cloud providers to growing open source platforms. He does Engineering at Container Solutions, guiding their customers in the Cloud Native world. Occasional speaker and blog writer. Loves the people side of technology and solving developer-facing issues.