Kubernetes for Java Developers

ConSol Software GmbH - Franziskanerstr. 38 81669 München - View Map München Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup
Thu, Mar 16, 2017, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

Hey Kubernauts!

Let's kick off 2017's MeetUp calendar with this great event. We have for you Dr. Fabian Stäber from ConSol Software and Dr. Roland Huss from Red Hat talking about Kubernetes for Java Developers.

The action will be happening at Fabian's home turf, the ConSol office at Franziskanerstr. 38. There will be complementary food and beer, as always, so make sure to arrive promptly and grab the best slice.

Topic Summary 


fabric8 is a complete integrated development platform on top of Kubernetes or OpenShift. It comes with a Maven plugin which seamlessly integrates Docker images and Kubernetes resource descriptors into your build process. It is similar in spirit to Spring Boot as it also provides a Zero configuration mode which makes some opinionated decisions to bring your Java application to these platforms. In its advanced setup it supports all the features that Kubernetes and OpenShift provide.

This presentation focus on live demos with hands-on coding of a Microservice from scratch. We will learn that it only takes minutes to bring a standard Java application to Kubernetes. Step by step we increase the complexity, so that at the end we will have a good feeling how Maven built Java projects can be brought to Kubernetes without having to know all the bells and whistles.


Prometheus is an open source monitoring tool, which is conceptually based on Google's internal Borgmon monitoring system. Unlike traditional tools like Nagios, Prometheus implements a white-box monitoring approach: Applications actively provide metrics, these metrics are stored in a time-series database, the time-series data is used as a source for generating alerts. Prometheus comes with a powerful query language allowing for statistical evaluation of metrics.

Many modern infrastructure components have Prometheus metrics built-in, like Docker's cAdvisor, Kubernetes, or Konsul. Moreover, there are libraries for instrumenting proprietary applications in a lot of programming languages.

This talk gives an introduction to monitoring with Prometheus, and shows how Java applications can expose metrics for Prometheus monitoring environments. We show how to instrument applications directly in code, as well as how to expose JMX beans in legacy applications.


Dr. Fabian Stäber is software developer, R&D lead, consultant, architect, at ConSol Software GmbH in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Roland Huss is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working on fabric8. He has been developing in Java for twenty years now but never has forgotten his roots as system administrator. Roland is an active open source contributor, lead developer of the JMX-HTTP bridge Jolokia and the popular fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin. And he loves chilli pepper.


Thursday, Mar 16
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CET)


ConSol Software GmbH
Franziskanerstr. 38 81669 München