Service mesh for K8s & Service Control Platform in Microservices Architecture

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Wed, Oct 23, 2019, 6:30 PM (CEST)

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Hi Kubernauts,

Our next Meetup in Munich will take place on 23rd October @1&1.

6:30 pm - Welcome Food, Drinks & Networking
7:30 pm - Stephan Fudeus, 1&1
8:00 pm - Kevin Chen, Kong
8:30 pm - Drinks & Networking

Stephan Fudeus, Product Owner and TechLead for Kubernetes of the Portal division at 1&1

Title: Service mesh for Kubernetes: Introduction, choices and multi-tenancy

With the usage of polyglot microservices in a containerized landscape, the typical non-functional requirements for the service-to-service communication are hard to fulfill. Since quite some time, service meshes aim to solve these issues. While some matured over the last year new ones appear on the horizon.
This session will provide a short dive into the requirements in a microservices world, the main choices and newest candidates in the world of services meshes and an overview of their subtle and not-so-subtle differences and how we at 1&1 Mail & Media approach this topic to provide a service mesh for our on-premise multi-tenant kubernetes platform for core services of WEB.DE, GMX and


Kevin Chen, Developer Advocate at Kong

Title: Service Control Platform in Microservices Architecture

Kubernetes has changed how we think about application development, but it has also introduced additional complexity into the way we manage microservices. What is a simple way to extend Kubernetes for highly-available applications at scale?
This talk will take you on a deep dive into Kong, an open-source API gateway for Kubernetes Ingress. Kong’s Ingress Controller implements authentication, load-balancing, traffic throttling, transformations, caching, metrics, and logging across Kubernetes clusters. And if you’re looking to go beyond by adding service mesh, Kuma is there for you!


See you there!


Wednesday, Oct 23
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CEST)


1&1 Company
Sapporobogen 6-8 München