Kyverno - Policy Engine for Kubernetes policy management

Fri, Jan 20, 8:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Kyverno is a policy engine designed for Kubernetes. With Kyverno, policies are managed as Kubernetes resources and no new language is required to write policies. This allows using familiar tools such as kubectl, git, and kustomize to manage policies. Kyverno policies can validate, mutate, and generate Kubernetes resources plus ensure OCI image supply chain security. The Kyverno CLI can be used to test policies and validate resources as part of a CI/CD pipeline.



  • Kaiwalya Koparkar

    Kaiwalya Koparkar

    R. H. Sapat COE

    Chapter Lead & Organiser

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  • Siddhant Khisty

    Siddhant Khisty

    Sandip University


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  • Adarsh Dubey

    Adarsh Dubey


    Graphics Lead

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