3 Kubernetes Talks, 1 Night! - GitOps, ML and Network Policy, Oh My!

Visa - 44901 Russell Branch Pkwy Ashburn - View Map Reston
Thu, Feb 21, 2019, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

There is so much content this month that I couldn't even fit it into the title for the meetup! Visa will be hosting us to hear about deploying to Kubernetes with Spinnaker, ML/DL on Kubernetes, and Declarative Security Policy as Code. Please see below for more details and I hope to see you there!

6:00 pm : Meet, greet, & eat

6:30 pm : Presentation

Talk Descriptions:

Talk 1: Continuous Delivery Using GitOps on Kubernetes

Will demonstrate a proven Cloud-Native Continuous Delivery approach that takes advantage of open-source tooling, and Kubernetes scalability, to build and deploy cloud-native applications. It will highlight an opinionated, yet flexible approach to integrating all the common continuous delivery tools - that you’re most likely already familiar with - to create a fast, secure and predictable continuous delivery solution for containers on Kubernetes.

* Codified build pipelines with quality ensured at all stages.
* Utilizing “GitOps” to ensure K8s cluster and source repository parity.
* Shift-left security including secure coding checks, dependency scanning and image vulnerability scanning BEFORE deployment(s).
* Scalable build workers providing on-demand pipeline execution with no queueing.

Sam Brown - Director of Technology, Oteemo
Sam has been working in IT software delivery for the past 17 years as a Java developer, operations manager, startup product architect and Continuous Delivery consultant. Sam is the co-founder and organizer of the DC Continuous Delivery meetup and the founder and organizer of the NOVA Kubernetes meetup. Sam’s passion is helping to optimize the software delivery process to help teams delivery high-quality software applications as quickly as possible through automation. He believes that building software should be enjoyable for the entire team and can only be achieved when a team works effectively together.

Talk 2: On-Prem Kubernetes deployment experience and deploying ML/DL on top of Kubernetes

We will discuss about deploying On-Prem Kubernetes in Enterprise and challenges around it. As we move towards a world with huge data, applying some of the machine learning, deep learning in a container world enables new opportunities and enhances the effective utilization of GPU resources. It makes deployment of ML/DL frameworks simple, portable and scalable to operate . We will demo how to deploy air-gapped kubeflow ( JupyterHub-Notebooks, TensorFlow model training, Model serving, Pipelines, Multi-framework ) to make it easy for data scientists.

Anil Reddy Vatti - Chief Systems Architect, Visa
Panneer Perumal – Lead Systems Engineer, Visa
Harish Jayakumar – Director, Solutions Engineering

Talk 3: Declarative Security Policy and Continuous Compliance in lock step with Applications

The application world has shifted to dynamic & declarative deployments in Kubernetes, involving testing in production and increasingly with a service mesh assisting in canary deployments. Indeed agile platform teams are doing the same for cluster infrastructure in cloud environments. Many security teams, however, are still building enterprise control and compliance rulesets based on antiquated static perimeter-based artifacts

Karthik will discuss (& demo) how DevSecOps teams can leverage policy-as-code and security automation tools to enable security controls to follow the workload in lock step with the orchestrator and the service mesh.

Karthik Prabhakar - Sr. Director of Solution Architecture, Tigera
Karthik Prabhakar is the Sr. Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera and been focused in helping customers transition to successful microservices deployments at scale leveraging technologies including Calico, Istio and Kubernetes. Karthik has many years of deep experience with cloud platforms, especially around network architectures and network security. Karthik is a frequent presenter at meetups, conferences, and other events.


Thursday, Feb 21
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)


44901 Russell Branch Pkwy Ashburn