Debugging Common K8s Issues & Application Connectivity at Scale - Calico + Istio

Oteemo - 10701 Parkridge Blvd, Suite 150 Reston - View Map Reston
Tue, Nov 14, 2017, 6:00 PM (EST)

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6:00 pm : Meet, greet, & eat

6:30 pm : Presentations

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CrashLoopBackoff, Pending, FailedMount and Friends: Debugging Common Kubernetes Cluster and Application Issues

Joe Thompson - Oteemo

Nothing is more frustrating than deploying a shiny new application on Kubernetes and having it fail immediately (usually five minutes before the big demo). Is it a problem with the pod network? Pods Pending or in CrashLoopBackoff, Services not serving, images not pulling? Maybe you're just plain out of resources. If you're new to Kubernetes, figuring it out from scratch can take hours you don't have. We'll show you how to dig in, identify the problem, resolve it, and learn what to watch for so you aren't taken by surprise next time.

Application Connectivity at Scale (Project Calico & Istio) - Cody McCain - Tigera

Everything you (didn’t) want to know about network policy in a heterogenous environment. We will introduce Project Calico and the Istio project and discuss security in depth across L3-L7. These frameworks enable full stack policy integration between legacy or static workloads and dynamically scheduled containers atop a constantly changing network topology.

Speaker Bios:

Joe Thompson - Oteemo

Joe Thompson is a senior consultant in the container practice at Oteemo, a consultancy specializing in innovative IT automation, and is also a co-organizer of the NOVA Kubernetes Meetup.  Prior to Oteemo he worked at CoreOS and Red Hat, providing practical solutions and training in and for Kubernetes.  His experience in IT operations and engineering stretches from present-day cloud and virtualization back to before you could Google error messages to find out what the problem was. 

Linkedin profile:

Cody McCain - Tigera

Cody McCain carries the Tigera flag in NYC where he helps customers connect all manner of things to the fabric. Prior to his current role, Cody provided Kubernetes training and implementation services at Apprenda. Cody has served in technology leadership roles across multiple verticals including energy, manufacturing, entertainment, and security. Cody has a B.S. in Physics from Abilene Christian University and is passionate about cloud native software development and distributed computing.


Tuesday, Nov 14
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST)


10701 Parkridge Blvd, Suite 150 Reston