KuberTENes Birthday Bash with Dagger and Cloud Native France


Jun 6, 4:15 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

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Hello à toutes et à tous !

Déjà 10 ans ! Bon anniversaire 🙂

Nous sommes ravis et heureux de célébrer les 10 ans de Kubernetes au Cloud Native Paris Meetup et une soirée spéciale avec la communauté parisienne.

Nous commencerons par un meetup exceptionnel avec Dagger, suivi d'une soirée.

Après le Meetup à Wework (Merci Mirantis), on traverse le boulevard, nous avons réservé un lieu assez sympa. On aura l'occasion de rencontrer la communauté parisienne pour des échanges passionnants autour d'un verre, le tout dans une atmosphère conviviale.

Nous tenons à remercier chaleureusement notre sponsor, Dagger, qui parraine les talks et les célébrations des 10 ans de Kubernetes et merci à nos amis de Mirantis pour l’hébergement.

===> Programme:

==> Meetup Dagger

18.15 : Ouverture des portes ️a WeWork Haussmann : 106 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 8

18.45 : Première intervention – Transform your Messy CI script into Clean Code with Dagger - Tom Vasek, Software Engineer at Dagger

19.30 : Deuxième intervention – Cloud native Capture Data Change avec Strimzi and Debezium. Zied ABID, Sr. Plateform Engineer, Jobteaser.

==> Soirée Kubernetes Birthday Dash

20:00 – Soirée à l’adresse : Le Colonel Moutarde, 85 Bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris

Rencontre avec la communauté parisienne

Food & Drinks 🍕☕️ Moments d'échanges entre les participants 🗣️🙋

IMPORTANT : Merci de vous enregistrer sur Meetup.com ou https://community.cncf.io/ et de confirmer votre présence pour les raisons de sécurité.


Hello everyone !

10 years already! Happy birthday 🙂

We're delighted and excited to celebrate 10 years of Kubernetes with a meetup and a special evening with the Paris community. We'll start with an exceptional meetup with Dagger, followed by an evening at a nice venue. This evening will be an opportunity to meet up with the Paris community for some exciting discussions over a drink, all in a friendly atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you there !

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our sponsor, Dagger, who has sponsored the talks and the celebrations for 10 years of Kubernetes.



- 18.15 - Doors open ️à WeWork Haussmann : 106 boulevard Haussman, Paris 8

- 18.45 - First presentation - Transform your messy CI script into clean code with Dagger - Tom Vasek, Software Engineer at Dagger

- 19:30 - Second presentation Cloud native Capture Data Change, Strimzi and Debezium. Zied ABID, Sr. Plateform Engineer, Jobteaser.

Party: Kubernetes Birthday Dash evening at Le Colonel Moutarde, 85 Bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris

- 20:00 - Evening in the bar

- Meet the community

- Food & Drinks 🍕☕️ Time for discussion between participants 🗣️🙋

=== Talks

First Talk - Dagger is a programmable open-source CI/CD engine with Tom Vasek, Software Engineer at Dagger

Talk Summary: Dagger is a programmable open source CI/CD engine that runs your pipelines in containers - pre-push on your local machine and/or post-push in CI. We'll cover what Dagger is, walk through a few simple examples using Kubernetes, and look at how to use modules from the Daggerverse to build and publish a containerized app. By the end, you'll know exactly how to Daggerize your own pipelines!

Bio : Tom Vasek, Software a software engineer with unlimited curiosity and is passionate by software, devops, and many other things. Currently working at Dagger, and also working on Open Source project in Quartz.

Second Talk - Cloud native Capture Data Change avec Stramzi and Debezium with Zied ABID (Joateaser)

Talk Summary: This abstract presents a cloud-native solution for Change Data Capture (CDC) using Strimzi, Kafka Connect, and Debezium, focusing on the management of Kafka

Connect and Debezium instances. The solution leverages the Kubernetes API and Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to automate pod management and GitOps deployment, significantly simplifying the deployment and management of Kafka Connect and Debezium instances.

This approach eliminates the need for manual JSON file management and CLI commands in bare virtual machines, streamlining operations and enabling seamless scaling as data sources or destinations evolve.

Bio : After years in the scientific world at Télécom SudParis, Zied ventured into distributed systems and high-performance architectures. ventured into the field of distributed systems and high-availability architectures for various projects. In particular, he has contributed to the application architecture best practices and the transition to the cloud.

Event Party :

Event Party (Le Colonel Moutarde, 85 Bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris) :

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We may take photos and videos during the event and use them for social media and promotional material. Participating in the meet-up implies that you consent to us to taking photos and videos of you.



Thursday, June 6, 2024
4:15 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


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    Lead Organizer

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    Lead organizer - CNCF Amabassor

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