Let’s talk about the kubernetes security with Open Policy Agent and Falco.


Mar 25, 2021, 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Virtual event

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Bonjour à toutes et à tous

Très bonne nouvelle pour cette fin de mois de mars, un spécial meetup sur la sécurité. Avec notre partenaire Scaleway qui célèbre le premier anniversaire de la sortie Kubernetes Kapsule avec un l’événement (https://www.scaleway.com/en/breakathon/).

Le CNCF Paris a composé un Meetup spécial sécurité en partenariat avec Scaleway. Ce Meetup sera diffusé en direct sur la scène de l'événement Breakathon (https://www.scaleway.com/en/breakathon/). Cet événement vise à faire surperformer le produit Kubernetes Kapsule de Scaleway via des challenges à thème (Sécurité, SaaS, Divertissement, ...) . N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire et représenter la CNCF Paris, ce Meetup vous donnera des indices et astuces pour réussir le challenge autour de la sécurité plus aisément.

Nous allons parler de sécurité autour de 2 projets CNCF: . Open Policy Agent avec Anders Eknert et Falco avec Thomas Labarussias.

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Hi all!

We are very happy to schedule a special Security Meetup with our partner Scaleway, They celebrate the first anniversary of the release of the iconic container orchestrator, Kubernetes Kapsule, by launching an inventive and entertaining event concept: the Breakathon (https://www.scaleway.com/en/breakathon/).

We’re glad to have two great speakers Open Policy Agent with Anders Eknert and Falco with Thomas Labarussias.

For the moment it will be online via a Zoom link that we will send to you very soon.

You will find the agenda for this meetup below, we can't wait to see you again.



Policy as code - an introduction to Open Policy Agent with Anders Eknert


Developer advocate at Styra with a long background in software development, security and identity systems in primarily distributed environments. When not in front of his computer he enjoys watching football, cooking and Belgian beers.


In just a few years, Open Policy Agent (OPA) has established itself as the de-facto standard for policy based guard rails around kubernetes clusters - now it's moving into our microservices! In this talk we'll explore the benefits of decoupling policy from application logic, and how OPA can help bring order to an increasingly distributed, heterogeneous and complex tech stack.


Falco: Detection and Reaction to threats in Kubernetes with Thomas Labarussias


Thomas is a Site Reliability Engineer for Qonto, modern banking for SMEs and freelancers, where he manages their Kubernetes clusters and the enthusiastic tools around, like ArgoCD, Traefik, Prometheus. He assisted for many years pure-players and e-business companies for a large managed service provider, as an AWS expert and FinOps. He's one of the longest-tenured members of Falcocommunity, and creator of Falcosidekick and Falcosidekick-UI, two major components of Falcoecosystem.


Falco, the cloud-native runtime security project helps you to detect suspicious threats in your Kubernetes cluster, and now, with its recent integrations, it allows you to react and protect your platform.


  • Thomas Labarussias


    OSS/Ecosystem Advocate

  • Anders Eknert


    Developer advocate


  • Smaïne Kahlouch


    Lead Organizer

  • Reda Benzair


    Lead organizer - CNCF Amabassor

  • Jean-Christophe Sirot


    Lead organizer

  • Emmanuel Lagrée

    Team CNCF Paris Organizer

  • Andrea Giardini

    CNCF Paris Organizer


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