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May 4, 2022, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Virtual event

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Do you find providing SSH to a large number of users tiresome? So did we! Creating VMs, applications filling up disks, runaway processes, regular system upgrades, and user management are only a few of the problems a system administrator runs into when building a jump host or an access server. In contrast, ContainerSSH uses webhooks or now also Kerberos to provide SSH access independently from the underlying operating system, and drops users into individual containers. When the user disconnects, ContainerSSH deletes the container.

At CERN, ContainerSSH being tested as a pilot for the LxPlus Service, which provides access to roughly 2000 concurrent users for code writing, job submission, and file operations on various network file systems. Using their Kerberos ticket, users have their own folders automatically mounted and can work in their container in isolation.

Join us for this showcase into ContainerSSH, an open source SSH server that launches containers, and how you can use it for your lab setup.

Janos' bio:

Janos is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and founder of ContainerSSH. Together with his wife, he's writing papers and researching several topics around infrastructure and visual deep learning.

Nikos' bio:

Nikos Tsipinakis is an open source developer, hacker and technology enthusiast. He is currently working with the Compute & Config team at CERN to containerize the interactive login service




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