Ballerina – An Open-Source, Cloud-Native Programming Language for Microservices

San Diego Cloud Native Computing Meetup
Thu, May 28, 2020, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Ballerina is a cloud-native programming language, tailored for network-awareness and microservices development. The language has unique awareness for network listeners, endpoints, and their actions. This also combines with the inherent observability features that are built into the language, thus making the life of developers much easier, where most of the important activities are handled automatically. So no more boilerplate code required for your observability needs. Its native containers/Kubernetes/Lambda awareness makes scalable deployments an easy task. Ballerina also has CI/CD deployment options such as Jenkins, Travis, and also, the latest addition of GitHub Actions makes it much simpler to define your workflows for creating build/deploy pipelines. In this session, Anjana will show how the new open source programming language can be used to implement a productive developer experienced in building modern cloud-native applications.

Anjana is a Director of Developer Relations at WSO2. He has built up expertise in data analytics and enterprise integration by leading several products at WSO2. He has also helped numerous customers in implementing their integration strategies. His latest venture is his role in the Ballerina project, where he has been involved extensively in the design and implementation of the language and its runtime, and now primarily works on its ecosystem engineering and evangelism activities. Anjana also presents frequently in events, such as ApacheCon, API World, WSO2Con, KubeCon, BallerinaCon, DeveloperWeek, and many tech meetups.

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