Who Needs Network Management in a Cloud Native Environment?

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Mon, Sep 11, 2017, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

Network management (and virtual network in particular) is hard. Cloud app developers find themselves dealing with too many options and too many settings, which make no sense. This is because Cloud APIs evolved from legacy IT management.

Cloud-Native apps are revolutionizing how software is developed and deployed.
Why do app developers need to deal with those legacy network knobs and gauges?
Why do we even need to care about IP addresses, routers, or load balancers, in a cloud-native world?

In this presentation, we will explore some alternative approach and how we could go about implementing it *today* with K8S and Dragonflow (an open source virtual network management project), to provide a more stable, better performing and truly scalable cloud-native infrastructure.


Pino de Candia 

Pino de Candia is an Architect at Huawei, working on infrastructure software for Cloud Computing. Prior to Huawei, Pino was CTO at Midokura, where he led the innovation of its network virtualization technology, MidoNet. Prior to Midokura, Pino built Dynamo, a highly-available NOSQL database invented for Amazon's shopping cart storage. Pino holds a Master of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science, both in Computer Science, from Cornell University.

Eshed Gal-Or

Eshed is an avid technologist, innovation leader, problem solver, practiced at setting and realizing technology vision and road map in highly complex global organizations, crossing between business/product management and technical research/development teams.
He currently works as a Software Research Architect Consultant for Huawei Cloud business, doing software-defined networking, virtualization, OpenStack and Hybrid Cloud.


Monday, Sep 11
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (PDT)


3661 Valley Centre Dr #400, San Diego, CA 92130 San Diego