A Night with Heptio - ksonnet, kubernetes, and more!

Heptio Inc - 901 5th Avenue Seattle - View Map Seattle
Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event


Next week we're having a special Seattle Kubernetes meetup hosted by Heptio, a company by the founders of the Kubernetes project. Come and welcome Heptio to the Seattle community! 

We have two amazing speakers who'll discuss ksonnet and other things Kubernetes. 

The meetup will be on Wednesday June 14, 2017 and starts at 6:30 with food/beverages, speakers start at 7:00. 

Please be in the building by 7 as security tends to lock the doors at around then. Feel free to show up at 6 if you want. See you there. 

Lightning Talks:

We're reserving the final 10 minutes of each meetup for lightning talks. If you want to demo something, show off a cool trick or tool, or share some insight into Kubernetes feel free to contact me via Meetup.com or over Twitter (@baldwinmathew). 


6:30 - 7:00 - Arrive / Social

7:00 - 7:30 -  Alex Clemmer - ksonnet: Finally, a Kubernetes configuration option for the 90s and beyond!

In how many APIs is the user expected to hand-author JSON and cURL it manually to the server? This, unfortunately, is not too far from the state of the art in the Kubernetes ecosystem, where it is common to use `kubectl` to ship bespoke JSON objects directly to the cluster.

In this talk we will discuss and demo ksonnet, a recent effort from Heptio, Bitnami, Box, and others, to help build maintainable,extensible abstractions scaling Kubernetes applications definitions.

The current state of ksonnet is a start and provides immediate relief. This talk will cover some of the basic abstractions and design decisions of ksonnet (e.g., being fully compatible with existing configurations, the philosophy of template-what-you-want-and-not-what-you-don't), as well as some of the more advanced features (e.g., using mixins to combine a Deployment object with a sidecar that has been authored completely independently). We'll also talk about where we want to take this to continue on this journey

7:30 - 8:00 - Ryan Schneider - Elasticsearch and Kubernetes

Interested in using Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack to log/monitor all the things? Enjoy using Kubernetes to orchestrate all the things? In this short talk Ryan will lead a quick overview of Elasticsearch architecture, Kubernetes work done so far by the community, and work still pending in regards to running Elasticsearch in a Kubernetes cluster.

8:00 - 8:05 - Lightning Talks

8:15 - Wrap-up / Depart

Lightning Demo:



Alex Clemmer, Heptio, obtained a BS in computer science from a middle-of-the-road state school in 2013. He had an ok-but-not-great GPA. 3 out of 5 officemates agree that Alex has programmed before.

Alex is mostly known for (1) turning Snapchat into a remote filesystem, (2) porting lisp to the Apple //e, (3) implementing Python 3 in a couple thousand lines of Haskell, and (4) organizing !!Con. 

Twitter: @hausdorff_space

Ryan Schneider, Heptio, has worked as a backend and distributed system engineer since 2004 and worked in companies both large and small. Ryan has a BS in CS, an MS in Software Development and Management, and a passion for architecture and building great systems. At night he also taught as an adjunct professor for the RIT Software Engineering department. After years of software development and architecture in the industry he decided to blend his love for teaching and open source software as Education engineer at Elastic teaching and consulting with engineers worldwide about Elasticsearch. Ryan currently works for Heptio as a Lead Education Engineer after being excited about the cloud native movement that the Kubernetes community is driving.

Twitter: @djschny


Hosted by Heptio at:

901 5th AVE


Seattle, WA 98164

(33rd Floor)

We will keep our door unlocked so people can just walk in and not have to ring the buzzer every time. 


Wednesday, Jun 14
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)


Heptio Inc
901 5th Avenue Seattle