GoDaddy's Production Kubernetes Story & Moving Target Defense in Container Envs

Offices of GoDaddy - 3300 Carillon Point Kirkland - View Map Seattle
Wed, Jul 19, 2017, 6:30 PM (PDT)

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Summer is in full swing and we're headed over to the East Side for July's meetup. It will be held on July 19, 2017 at GoDaddy's NW offices. 

This should be fun. We'll be hearing about how GoDaddy is using Kubernetes throughout its operations as one of the world's largest, traditional hosting providers. 


Yep, you can stream this one, too. Click here around the time we start and you should be good to go:

Lightning Talks:

We're reserving the final 15 minutes of each meetup for lightning talks. If you want to demo something, show off a cool trick or tool, or share some insight into Kubernetes feel free to contact us via or over Twitter (@baldwinmathew or @stackpointcloud)


6:30 - 7:00 - Arrive / Social

7:00 - 7:30 -  Dan Clayton - GoDaddy - GoCentral: The Journey to 7,000

GoCentral is GoDaddy's latest website builder integrated with marketing and eCommerce tools. Rebuilt from the ground up, GoCentral is using the latest client and server technologies designed for mobile first and global presence. Listen as GoDaddy shares their journey from bare metal and monolithic design to agility, microservices, and container-based infrastructure.

7:30 - 8:00 - Kiley Williams - Polyverse - Applying Moving Target Defense to Container Environments

Homogeneity makes static environments an easy target for hackers, who have access to the same software available to developers, be it Linux, Windows, or the numerous application stacks like Java. Attackers can analyze and craft attacks at leisure, knowing that successful exploits can often be used against millions of computers— “break once, run anywhere.”

Security teams defend static infrastructure by trying to predict, detect, analyze, investigate, and remediate attacks. This is expensive, time consuming, unwieldy and, moreover, ineffective.

Our organization can save time, money and resources by applying dynamic diversity through code scrambling and container cycling, which provide intrinsic protection for container environments. Moving Target Defense continuously changes the attack surface before hackers have a chance to decipher the environment – mitigating the attack before it happens.

In this presentation, Kiley Williams will explain how Moving Target Defense can be applied to make container environments impenetrable. Crafted attacks and how hackers can use your own code to compromise your systemsAn overview of the philosophy of Moving Target Defense Best practices for building Defense in-Depth for container environments

8:00 - 8:05 - Lightning Talks

8:15 - Wrap-up / Depart

Lightning Demo:



Daniel Clayton is principal engineer at GoDaddy with twenty years of software development and architecture experience. For the past nine years, he has developed customer fraud detection systems for GoDaddy, and most recently architected and developed CI/CD tools and infrastructure for the GoDaddy GoCentral product. Previously, Daniel worked with a financial company as a senior software engineer, building eCommerce and merchant fraud detection systems. He has significant experience in many popular technology stacks for both Windows and Linux.

Kiley Williams is a Security Architect at Polyverse Corporation based in Kirkland, Washington. He serves as the link between the community and the Polyverse product development team. He is a full-stack developer at heart, and he is passionate about making software the best that it can be. Previously, he was the Chief Technology Officer of a Seattle-based software company for 3 years. He spent nearly five years at Microsoft as a Program Manager, before leaving to start his own software company, which was acquired in 2013.


Hosted by GoDaddy at: 

3300 Carillon Point

Building 3000. 

3rd Floor

Kirkland, WA  98033


You will need to go to the building 3000 parking garage. This is underground parking. You can use the elevator within the parking garage to go to the 3rd floor. Look and following the signs from there. If you come in the main lobby door, you can go to the elevator to the 3rd floor and follow the signs.


Wednesday, Jul 19
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)


Offices of GoDaddy
3300 Carillon Point Kirkland