Introduction to Kubernetes Workshop


Apr 18, 2017, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Hello Everyone

This will be the inaugural Kubernetes User Group Meetup in Singapore. This will be a workshop orientated talk.

To people who would like to follow along here is the link to the instructions :

Due to the high number of people wanting to attend I am asking kublets to fill in this form to confirm that they will be attending.

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We will be installing Kubernetes on Digital Ocean using kubeadm.

kubeadm is a new tool that is part of the Kubernetes distribution as of 1.4.0 which helps you to easily install and set up a Kubernetes cluster.

Then we will deploy a microservices application onto Kubernetes called socks-shop.

All the steps will be pre-published on GitHub so that attendees can follow along during the session so please bring your laptops if you want to follow along.

I will be using Digital Ocean so please have your accounts setup and have SSH keys loaded.

Here is a referral link to get $10 in credit on Digital Ocean:

This workshop will allow attendees to understand Kubernetes, Micro-services Applications and have their own cluster to play in their own time.

The workshop will be hosted at Honestbee.

"Honestbee is a marketplace for services in Asia, providing fast and on-demand concierge and delivery services for all your lifestyle needs.

We are always looking for people who are growth-focused, ready to make a change and contribute to the expansion of the platform. 

Join us to help tackle challenges of eCommerce and logistics while empowering the communities by providing positive social and financial impact to the businesses and people we touch"

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


  • Yongkang He

    CNCF Ambassador | KubeArmor Advocate