CNCF Bulgaria Live Meetup 25 February 2021 - Service Mesh

Thu, Feb 25, 2021, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

We are Back! Buckle up for Service Mesh! Save the date 25 of February.

Hello CNCF Friends, we will kick off the 2021 with our first YouTube live

stream straight out of EPAM office in Sofia!

Youtube live stream:



19:00 - Intro - Community and CNCF news - organisational changes etc..

19:15 - When Service Mesh hits the highly restrictive environment - Vladimir Iliev and Ivan Markov

19:35 - Why Service Meshes exemplify the Cloud Native approach - Nikolay Nikolaev


About the talks and speakers:

When Service Mesh hits the highly restrictive environment


Service meshes are a fairly novel concept in a cloudy world, which gets cloudier by the minute. It may well be that one is confused about the benefits of service meshes as opposed to other cloud-native networking/communication alternatives, or even as opposed to widespread communication mechanisms such as REST or Kafka-like ones. We will (try to) examine how implementing the concept of a service mesh solved a real business problem, aggravated by several purely technological ones, in a very constrained environment – in a very elegant way. Ideally, at the end of our discussion, the use case for service meshes will start to become clearer, and we’ll be able to shed some light for those looking to make a decision for or against this architectural pattern.


Vladimir Iliev is a father of 2 daughters, aged 3 and 5. In his spare time, he’s a delivery manager in EPAM, mainly responsible for reducing the risk of massively screwing up one of EPAM Global’s major fintech accounts. He’s got 13 years of experience in the fintech domain as quant developer/low-latency software engineer/FAQ chatbot with companies such as Factset, Citadel, Barclays Capital, Royal Bank of Scotland.

Ivan Markov - Senior Software Engineer in EPAM with about 4 years experience in the financial domain. Finished the IT Talents academy and started job in EPAM, where took part in the Junior Training Program – intense course managed by the company’s most experienced experts.

Nowadays being part of the same academy, but as a mentor himself, helping and guiding the future coding gurus.


Why Service Meshes exemplify the Cloud Native approach


The CNCF cloud native definition points Service Meshes as one of the examples of the cloud native approach. In this talk we’ll look deeper why this is so and go thorough a number of use-cases where we’ll show how, when and where to adopt a Service Mesh. All of this, as seen through the eyes of a CNCF project maintainer, a KubeCon CFP reviewer and an open source enthusiast.

Hint: containers are not a prerequisite, just another option.

Nikolay Nikolaev - Nikolay Nikolaev is a Technical Lead in the Office of the CTO at Kong Inc. Where he works on the Kuma Envoy Control Plane. For the last 17 years, he has been implementing networking software ranging from hardware boxes to powerful server applications and virtualised data planes. He spent some time in the virtualization world using and contributing to projects like KVM, QEMU, DPDK, OpenStack.

In the last couple of years, Nikolay is actively contributing in the cloud-native domain in projects like Envoy, Network Service Mesh and now Kuma.