CNCF Bulgaria Live Meetup September 28, 2022

Wed, Sep 28, 2022, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

We are Back! Save the date September 28th.

Hello CNCF Friends, on September 28th 2022 with our YouTube live

stream straight out of VMware office in Sofia!


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19:00 - Intro - Community and CNCF news - organisational changes etc..

19:15 - Multi-cloud application autoscaling with Thanos - Mihail Mihaylov - MariaDB

19:45 - Observe and Measure endpoint Availability using Envoy in Virtual Appliances - Toma Petkov, Vladimir Mihov, Nikola Kaludov - VMware


About the talks and speakers:

Multi-cloud application autoscaling with Thanos

Tips and tricks on how to approach application horizontal pod autoscaling on Kubernetes. How to feed the proper metrics and teach the system to make the proper decisions on when to scale and when to wait so that you can achieve the perfect balance between performance and cost (with significant buffer). Then we can go deeper and explore the depths of multi-cloud and multi-cluster reliability and scalability of our applications.

About the speaker: 

Mihail Mihaylov is experienced DevOps, part of MariaDB. He is working especially on their Kubernetes infrastructure. Multi-Cluster monitoring is part of his duties.

Observe and Measure endpoint Availability using Envoy in Virtual Appliances

In this talk you will learn how to modernize your preexisting virtual appliance in the SaaS world. You will learn how to put a system that is going to allow to achieve five 9s availablity by proactivly monitoring your appliance services health. The talk is going to be delivered by 3 developers who are going to talk for their favorite domains. 

Toma Petkov – What is Envoy Endpoint from the perspective of a Virtual Appliance?

Vladimir Mihov – How we gather the raw metrics for Endpoint Availability?

Nikola Kaludov – How we interpret the metrics and visualize them?


About the speakers: 

Toma Petkov has been with VMware for several years now part of the vSphere Connectivity team. His team goal is to achieve Envoy Edge and Sidecar proxy for the existing old fashion Virtual Appliances and by doing this modernize vSphere connectivity domain. As we have already existing Virtual Appliances sometimes Envoy Proxy needs some additional features to fit our use cases. Toma has implemented such enhanced features and upstreamed them to the Envoy project. 


Vladimir Mihov have been at VMware for 3 years part of the vSphere Availability team. He is passionate about tracing and debugging complex distributed systems. He has experience with Open Tracing, Compilers, Envoy. He is playing a key role into the Observability charter of vSphere. 


Nikola Kaludov loves playing with data, find the correlation and value of the data. The biggest gift of Nikola is the ability to visualize data that can be easy perceived by the users. He has a personal site where you can look for some of his data driven side projects

Hosted by VMware Bulgaria!