#6 How can Cloud Native helps to achieve a faster time to market?

South Florida
Wed, Mar 29, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Cloud Native technologies offer benefits that can help organizations improve application resilience, portability, lean architecture, and abstraction.

By leveraging these technologies, organizations can create, test, and deploy applications quickly and efficiently, respond to changing market conditions, and deliver value to customers faster. Application containerization and microservices architecture are the foundation of this agile environment that enables faster time to market.

Speaker: Angel Ramirez


CEO and Founder of Cuemby.

Founder of La Hora de Kubernetes and Hispanic Foundation of Cloud Native with over 1100 members.

He is an official curator of Kubernetes exams for Linux Foundation and has performed over 40 technical due diligence on leading tech startups for VCs.

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Wednesday, Mar 29
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