The Transformative Role of Service Mesh in Legacy Architectures


Nov 30, 7:00 – 8:00 AM

Virtual event

This event cover two extremes of istio, from enabling service mesh in legacy to looking at future of istio

About this event

In the first talk Shreshta will delve into the pivotal role that service mesh plays in navigating the intricate landscape of legacy components within modern IT architectures. As organizations strive for digital transformation, they often grapple with integrating legacy systems into contemporary frameworks. This presentation will explore how a service mesh acts as a lynchpin, seamlessly connecting and enhancing the functionality of legacy components. Attendees will gain insights into strategies for mitigating challenges, optimizing performance, and fostering agility through the strategic adoption of service mesh in legacy environments.

Next Alessandro will take us through "Gateway API and Istio: a match made in heaven". Istio 1.20 is out and includes full support for the new Gateway API. What does it mean to you and the thousands of Istio users out there? Will it replace our beloved CRDs completely? Come find out in this talk that will introduce Gateway API and its support in Istio, and will give practical pointers for a smooth and safe transition. We will setup Istio on a new cluster with Gateway API and demonstrate practically the use of the Gateway API interface


  • Shreshta Shyamsundar


    Distinguished Technologist

  • Alessandro Vozza

    Developer Advocate



Thursday, November 30, 2023
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM UTC


7:00 AMThe Transformative Role of Service Mesh in Legacy
7:30 AMGateway API and Istio; match made in Service Mesh Heaven


  • Prateek Nayak

    CTO at Innablr

  • Stephen Wallace



  • Amanda Araneta


    Event Organiser

  • Ashish Kumar

    Field Engineer