Platform Maturity Model deep dive (Take 2)

TAG App Delivery

Jul 27, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

The Platform Maturity Model was proposed in April here:

Since then there has been an steady increase in review and support in the working document here:

This discussion will focus on reviewing ideas and alignment to the point where we can see convergences between us all.

The discussions have been too rich to manage in either slack or WG calls alone, therefore we are opening up a focused hour for this specific topic.

The goal of this session is to narrow in on the table for the maturity model. We appreciate that there are a number of other open questions about the name and how to further describe the details of the model, but we believe that taking time to discuss and align on the table will help move all the other discussions forward.

It would be helpful if you read the contributors guide and intro to the model (approx 3 pages of content) to understand why we are doing this and the goals of the model. If you have any questions or concerns on that content the document is open for both comment and suggestion and you are encouraged to share ideas!

The ask for this session is, for anyone interested, to provide a suggested format here:

Any further questions/concerns can be raised to @Abby Bangser in CNCF slack.


  • Thomas Schütz


    TAG Co-Chair

  • Josh Gavant

    Red Hat

    TAG Co-Chair

  • Lian Li

    TAG Co-Chair

  • Karena Angell

    Red Hat

    TAG Tech Lead

  • Alois Reitbauer

    TAG Tech Lead

  • Abigail Bangser


    Platforms WG Co-Chair

  • Roberth Strand

    Sopra Steria

    TAG Tech Lead

  • Colin Griffin


    Platforms WG Co-Chair

  • Andrew Block

    Artifacts WG Co-Chair

  • Ramkumar Chinchani

    Artifacts WG Co-Chair

  • Mauricio Salatino


    OSS Software Engineer

  • Daniel Oh

    Red Hat

    Senior Principal Developer Advocate

  • Thomas Vitale


    Software Architect