Liz Rice - Practical steps for securing your cloud native deployment

Tel Aviv

Aug 6, 2018, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Liz Rice is visiting Israel and we will have a chance to see a great speaker in action!

See a short video about Liz:

On this meetup we will have two sessions:
- Practical advices for securing your cloud native deployment by Liz Rice.
- Running On-Demand Jenkins Slaves on Kubernetes by Eran Bibi.

=Session Description=

==Practical Security for Cloud Native Deployment==
Securing production workloads used to be something that sole responsibility of security specialists, but when you move to a DevOps culture, security becomes part of everyone's responsibility.
In this talk we look at how security principles can be applied to cloud native deployments at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline, and show an example of a practical security-related action that you can take at each stage.

==Running On-Demand Jenkins Slaves on Kubernetes==
In this session I will describe and demonstrate how to use a Kubernetes cluster to orchestrate Jenkins slaves on demand, in order to improve resource utilization and enhance security.
I will show:
- Kubernetes cluster architecture
- How to schedule Jenkins slaves in Kubernetes pods
- How to implement security best practices

18:00-18:30 - Gathering & Pizza
18:30-19:00 - On-Demand Jenkins Slaves with Kubernetes
19:00-20:00 - Liz Rice - Practical Security for Cloud Native Deployment

Liz Rice - Technology Evangelist, Aqua Security
Liz Rice is the technical evangelist at container security specialists Aqua Security. Prior to that she was CEO of Microscaling Systems and one of the developers of MicroBadger, the tool for managing container metadata. She has a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience from working on network protocols and distributed systems, and in digital technology sectors such as VOD, music, and VoIP. When not building startups and writing code, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London.

Eran Bibi - Head of DevOps, Aqua Security
Eran Bibi is Head of DevOps at Aqua security and a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) by CNCF. He is a known Jenkins fanboy, and an avid admin of Kubernetes, Azure, AWS and Docker environments. Prior to Aqua, Eran was DevOps group lead at D+H. Eran is a frequent speaker at Cloud Native meetups, AWS community meetups and cloud workshops.



Monday, August 6, 2018
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


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