Securing Kubernetes applications and introduction to eBPF Linux technology

Tel Aviv

Jan 28, 2020, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

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* This meetup will be in English *

18:00-18:30 : Gathering, food and drinks

18:30-19:15 : A Security Primer for Developers: Hardening your Kubernetes Application, Phil Estes
Adoption of both containers and Kubernetes has continued to increase rapidly across our industry while at the same time, knowledge of how to adopt these technologies in the most secure way is unevenly spread.
In this talk we will look at two core components of cloud native development: your application container image and the application Kubernetes deployment manifests. For both of these areas we will talk through, and demonstrate with examples, the options and best practices for building, deploying and running applications in a secure way. We will look into how container primitives are translated into security features of the container runtime and Kubernetes. We will also reference the growing landscape of open source and vendor-specific tooling that can assist you to properly secure your application in production.

19:15-20:00 : What is eBPF technology and what it means for Cloud Native tools, Yaniv Agman and Itay Shakury
eBPF is a powerful Linux technology that is recently in the spotlight for use cases of security, observability and customizability of the Linux kernel.
In this talk, we will introduce eBPF, and learn about it's merits and challenges. We reference several open source tools for the Cloud Native stack that are using it, and present a new project open source project that we wrote to help everyone use eBPF with containers.

About the speakers:

Phil is a Distinguished Engineer in the office of the CTO for IBM Cloud, guiding IBM's strategy around containers and Linux. Phil is a founding maintainer of the CNCF containerd runtime project, and participates in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) as a member of the Technical Oversight Board (TOB).
Phil enjoys helping others understand and apply cloud native concepts, both by authoring content as well as speaking worldwide at conferences and meetups, and is a member of the CNCF Ambassadors program. You can find content and talks at and find him on Twitter as @estesp.

Yaniv is a Security Researcher at Aqua Security. He specializes in low level Linux instrumentation technologies to perform dynamic analysis on Linux containers and systems. He currently completes his master thesis in cyber security at BGU on detecting Android malware with eBPF technology. While not in front of a computer screen, he likes watching Sci-Fi movies and playing with his kids.

Itay Shakury is an Open Source Engineer at Aqua Security where he works on Kubernetes security related open source projects. Itay's background is a mix of software architecture, product management, and technology evangelism in the Cloud Native computing space. Itay is also a CNCF Ambassador and is leading the CNCF Tel Aviv meetup group.



Tuesday, January 28, 2020
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


  • Itay Shakury

    Aqua Security

    VP Open Source

  • Shimon Tolts

    CNCF Ambassador


  • Arthur Berezin



  • Dana Fine


    BD | Partnerships | Community Leader at Datree

  • Ronen Levinson


    Senior Software Engineer