How Cilium uses eBPF to Supercharge Kubernetes Networking & Security

Optum Technology - 13625 Technology Dr. Eden Prairie - View Map (The Original) Minneapolis Kubernetes Meetup
Thu, Sep 26, 2019, 6:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

Join us for the next K8s meetup (back in the 'burbs). Dan Wendlandt will be joining us to dive into Cilium and eBPF!

Dan is a co-founder of Isovalent, the company that is the primary maintainer of the Cilium project ( and a co-maintainer of eBPF in the Linux kernel. Previously, Dan bootstrapped and led product strategy at Nicira, the startup that built Open vSwitch (OVS) and initiated the software-defined networking movement before being acquired by VMware and becoming VMware NSX.

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Rough schedule:
6:00P: Arrive / Eat / Drink / Socialize

6:30P: How Cilium uses eBPF to Supercharge Kubernetes Networking & Security - Dan Wendlandt (Isovalent)

Abstract: Kubernetes has ushered in an era of complex and often large-scale microservices applications running as containers that are updated frequently via CI/CD, yet still leverages underlying network technologies like iptables built for an era of simple and static applications. Cilium, an open source CNI plugin for Kubernetes, leverages a powerful Linux kernel technology called eBPF to provide a modern solution to Kubernetes networking & security, resulting in dramatically better performance and scalability, more fine-grained security, easier troubleshooting and more.

In this talk, we will provide an introduction to the core eBPF technology and the Cilium architecture, followed by a deep dive into key Cilium capabilities including identity-aware security, multi-cluster routing, transparent encryption, API-aware visibility/filtering, and service-mesh acceleration. We’ll wrap up by demoing some tips + tricks we have found that help simplify the initial introduction of network policies into your Kubernetes environment.

7:30P: Open discussions, etc.

We'll have some tasty food and beverages like usual - hope to see you there!


Optum is located at 13625 Technology Drive. There are multiple “Optum” locations in the southwest metro, so please use the address. You’ll turn onto campus from Technology drive and from there can park in the ramp. No parking permit is required. Take the stairs/elevator in the ramp to the “Skyway” level (top level), which will bring you into the building right at the security desk. Here you will check in with security - PLEASE HAVE YOUR ID READY. A volunteer will then escort you down to the cafeteria where the event will take place.


Thursday, Sep 26
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)


Optum Technology
13625 Technology Dr. Eden Prairie