Cloud Native Timisoara - Summer 2024

Timisoara, Romania

Jun 18, 3:30 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Get ready for a spectacular summer edition of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Timisoara Chapter!

Our colleague Romina Druta (Visma) - seasoned CNCF speaker - will start off the edition and our guest Azhari Mouhammad-Nashwan (Cloudbase Solutions) will go on a deep dive in K8s after.

Shift-left Security with Infrastructure as Code - presented by Romina Druta

As organisations are increasingly hosting theirs services in the cloud, Infrastructure as Code tools(IaC) are highly used in automating the provisioning of the cloud services. Those tools can introduce security weaknesses and risky changes to the cloud platforms which started to become a highly attractive attack surface for the hackers. This presentation is a study about IAC security of 22 projects having theirs cloud infrastructure hosted in GCP, AWS and Azure. The aim of this presentation is to make practitioners aware of vulnerabilities that can appear in their infrastructure when using IaC but also it shows what we have learned in our journey to Shift-Left security for the cloud.

Kubernetes under the hood - presented by Azhari Mouhammad-Nashwan

In a world where we're encouraged to treat Kubernetes as an all-encompassing YAML-consuming black box, it's very easy to get out of touch with what Kubernetes does: set up some isolated processes for our containerized apps.

In this talk, we'll be going through some of the OCI standards, demystifying the underlying Kubernetes resource interfaces (CRI/CNI/CSI), and poking around at the process level to see what how Kubernetes does things under the hood.


  • Romina Druta


    Senior Infrastructure Engineer

  • Azhari Mouhammad-Nashwan

    Cloudbase Solutions

    Cloud Engineer


Shift-left Security with Infrastructure as Code - presented by Romina Druta
Kubernetes under the hood - presented by Azhari Mouhammad-Nashwan


  • Romina Druta


    Senior System Engineer

  • Lucian Patian

    Haufe Group

    Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Catalin Costras

    LSEG Romania

    DevOps Engineer

  • Adrian Vrancea

    American Greetings

    Senior Azure DevOps Engineer

  • Florin Urian

    DevOps Engineer @WeVideo

  • Andrei Ghilencea

    DevOps Engineer

  • Erzsebet Halasz

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Alessandro Pilotti

    CEO at Cloudbase Solutions


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