GPU-Accelerated Analytics (OmniSci) & Securing Hybrid Cloud Workloads (Aporeto)

Full Frame Theater (American Tobacco Campus) - 320 Blackwell St Durham - View Map Morrisville
Thu, Nov 8, 2018, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

Hey Kubernetes and OpenShift Enthusiasts!

November Kubernetes and OpenShift Meetup #30

6:00-6:30: Gather, network, beer, food, swag

6:30-7:15 GPU-Accelerated Analytics with OmniSci (formerly MapD)

Abstract: Kubernetes is the leading open source container management platform with advanced features and a large community of developers and users. OmniSci is also emerging as an indispensable open source GPU accelerated analytics tool for data scientists that provides unprecedented interactivity with massive datasets. Learn how to deploy OmniSci docker image in a Kubernetes setup either using a GPU-enabled or a CPU-only node, the methodology applies to both on-premise and public cloud deployments. You will also learn how OmniSci’s GPU based visual analytics platform plays an integral role in the Machine Learning pipeline using GOAI (GPU Open Analytics Initiative) project.

- Overview of OmniSci Core - GPU Accelerated SQL Engine
- Overview of OmniSci Immerse - Visual Analytics Platform
- Description of Kubernetes Testing Infrastructure
- Demo - Deploying the GPU & CPU version of OmniSci Community Edition Docker image
- Machine Learning Pipeline with OmniSci & GPU Data Frame (GDF)

Speaker Bio: Veda Shankar is a Senior Developer Advocate at OmniSci working actively to assist the user community to take advantage of OmniSci’s open source analytics platform. He is a customer oriented IT specialist with a unique combination of experience in product development, marketing and sales engineering. Prior to OmniSci, Veda worked on various open source software defined data center products at Red Hat.

7:15 break

7:15-8:00 Best Practices for Securing OpenShift Workloads in Hybrid Clouds by Aporeto

Abstract: OpenShift is the ideal platform for deploying and managing container-based workloads. As enterprises expand their workload to hybrid cloud environments, OpenShift offers a centralized management plane regardless of where applications run. But, these applications need to be secured as easily as they are managed.

Hybrid-cloud applications require comprehensive security practices that (1) operates across multiple layers - API, network, and runtime; (2) are independent of the underlying infrastructure; and (3) operates at any scale.

In this meetup, we will address the best practices for securing OpenShift workloads in hybrid clouds with auto-generated, cryptographically-signed application identity that enables end-to-end authentication, authorization, and transparent traffic encryption. The net result is strong application security that is infrastructure independent, simpler, and easier to manage.

Speaker Bio: David Nester - Director of Security Solutions for Aporeto, Inc
David has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing
enterprise security solutions for Identity Management, Web
applications, and UNIX environments. He has a proven track record of
successfully architecting and integrating enterprise security solutions
for Fortune 500 businesses; fulfilling mission-critical security objectives
and goals, directing cross-functional technology teams, and leading
complex projects from conception to deployment.

8:00- Q&A / Social / Wrap-up


Full Frame Theater (American Tobacco Campus)
320 Blackwell St
Durham, NC


Available in three parking decks around ATC (two connected to the actual campus) and is usually free after 5pm, unless there's a DPAC event or something going on. Which there is, Hamilton. In that case, it would be $5 to park in the deck. Street parking is available as well, and is free after 7pm. I'd suspect that the North and South parking decks would be your better option.

Food/Drink: Yes!

More swag this meetup? Of course

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Guests: Please bring your friends who share the same passion with us!


Thursday, Nov 8
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EST)


Full Frame Theater (American Tobacco Campus)
320 Blackwell St Durham