Akkeris: Providing an Engineering Experience on Kubernetes (Dinner provided)

Omadi - 3451 Triumph Blvd Lehi - View Map Utah Kubernetes Meetup
Tue, Sep 18, 2018, 6:30 PM (MDT)

About this event

Kubernetes is great, but it lacks in some ways essential foundations for engineers to really embrace it without a lot of work by operations, devops or themselves. From source control hooks, enterprise AD/LDAP integration, attribution (backbilling or invoicing), docker builds, multi-regional capabilities, hybrid data centers, http/app/build log forwarding, context-based permissions, audit tracing and compliance, a variety of brokers and services (addons), shared credentials, CI/CD, pipelined deployments, creating reverse proxied sites, domains, TLS certificates and ingresses there's alot of things kubernetes doesn't provide out of the box. Akkeris solves most of these pains and provides a secure (and safe) way to invite your engineering teams to create and deploy applications on Kubernetes.

At OC Tanner, we've been developing Akkeris as a free and open source system that works on top of kubernetes, in a little over a year we transitioned our production applications to akkeris and serve over 9 million customers, with an average of 22 deployments a day across now 800 applications. In this talk we'll go over the capabilities, and how to install and get started running akkeris.


Tuesday, Sep 18
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (MDT)


3451 Triumph Blvd Lehi