Running Vitess 3.0 at 1.5M QPS in Kubernetes

Omadi - 3451 Triumph Blvd Lehi - View Map Utah Kubernetes Meetup
Tue, Dec 18, 2018, 6:30 PM (MST)

About this event

Come hear from Derek Perkins, CEO/Co-founder of Nozzle, present his experience running Vitess at Nozzle.

Vitess is a CNCF project for transparently sharding MySQL used by YouTube, Slack, Hubspot, Square and Nozzle. It was built to be cloud and container native, tailored for Kubernetes. He will walk through a brief project overview, followed by a live installation and demo. Finally, he'll demonstrate Vitess reaching over 1.5M QPS, running inside Kubernetes.


Tuesday, Dec 18
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (MST)


3451 Triumph Blvd Lehi