KubeVirt Summit 2024

Virtual Project Events 2024 (Hosted by CNCF)

Jun 24, 12:00 PM – Jun 25, 5:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

KubeVirt Summit is our annual online conference, now in its fourth year, in which the entire broader community meets to showcase technical architecture, new features, proposed changes, and in-depth tutorials. 

Topics for KubeVirt Summit 2024 include:

  • Considerations for migrating to KubeVirt
  • Security and workload isolation
  • Maintenance and 0 downtime upgrades
  • GPU performance and DRA
  • Storage and Networking improvements and considerations
  • Improved performance for live migrations
  • Observability and monitoring
  • Building your own Cloud
  • New UI feature rundown



June 24 – 25, 2024
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


12:00 PMWelcome, Opening Remarks, and Community Updates
12:30 PMKeep your VM dancing with volume migration, by Alice Frosi (Red Hat)
1:00 PMRunning Kubernetes clusters the Kubernetes-native way, by Andrei Kvapil (Ænix)
1:30 PMUsing CPU & Memory hotplug for VM vertical scaling, by Igor Bezukh (Red Hat)
2:00 PMLong-Lived User-Session VM: Enhancing Zero Downtime Rolling Deployments for Virtual Machines with Kubernetes Operators, by Sheng Lin (Nvidia)
2:30 PMKubeVirt vDPA Workflow: From Host to Pod to Domain, by Taekyung Kim (SK Telecom)
3:00 PMBuild a full measurement chain using the CC-FDE solution in KubeVirt, by Lei Zhou, Wenhui Zhang & Xiaocheng Dong (Intel)
3:30 PMOptimizing GPU Capacity across multiple Data Centers, by Vinay Hangud (Nvidia)
4:00 PMIsolating container workloads in Virtual Machines using KubeVirt, by Vladik Romanovsky (Red Hat)
4:30 PMDRA in KubeVirt: Overcoming Challenges and Implementing Changes, by Varun Ramachandra & Alay Patel (Nvidia)


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