LitmusChaosCon | Virtual

LitmusChaos Con is an event surrounding all things LitmusChaos and Chaos Engineering. It is a platform for SREs, QA Engineers, Developers, Performance Engineers and Students to exchange their ideas, experience, contribution stories and usage of LitmusChaos. If one has worked with LitmusChaos or one aims to adopt the practice of Chaos Engineering, this is the conference to attend and build the journey towards resilience.


Submit a talk proposal by June 24 on one of the following topics:

1. Use Cases (Providing a sneak peek to how LitmusChaos is deployed in your environment, the challenges, and the road to success)

2. Integrations (Provide a sneak peek to how LitmusChaos is integrated with other CNCF tools or integrated with your infrastructure),

3. Contribution Story (Provide a sneak peek to how you contributed to LitmusChaos as a community member or mentee),

4. Community Stories (Provide a sneak peek of your learnings from the community),

5. Operations (Provide a sneak peek to how you are running LitmusChaos in your environment)