Here’s how to unleash GitOps without the usual developer headache

Cloud Native DC

Nov 4, 2021, 7:30 – 8:05 PM

Virtual event

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Bruno Andrade, CEO @ Shipa

GitOps has a lot to offer – there’s a reason the operational framework for k8s cluster management and app delivery is red hot. Get it right and devs get a single source of truth of the desired state, automated syncs, drift detection, and reconciliation, etc. But manifests have remained too complex for everyone to understand and usually describe k8s resources instead of apps. The tools that do treat apps as apps (instead of resources) tend to be focused mostly on CLI and UI – often ignoring the need to define everything as code. But can you combine both? Can you have app specs that are easy for devs to understand/write/manage? Can you combine that with GitOps, to focus on pushing changes to Git instead of operating clusters? Can you make everything easy to the point that anyone can use it, no matter if they have a Ph.D. in k8s or are an app developer that just wants their apps to run?


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