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About this event

Kubernetes Community Days comes to Mumbai!

KCD Mumbai will be an in-person event packed with Kubernetes and Cloud Native talks and workshops, and ending with a party: this will be the first edition of Kubernetes Community Days Mumbai! We are an inclusive, and open community of engineers, developers, professionals, and anyone in the Cloud Native ecosystem. With 350+ attendees, this will be one of the largest events for cloud-native in Mumbai with a focus on open source and community. Again, it of a kind conference, not to be missed.

What to expect?

Presence and engagement with awesome people in the Cloud Native ecosystem

Stay informed

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Stay safe

We will provide the safest possible hybrid event and follow all the government and CNCF guidelines. We will do our best to record every talk and workshop and attempt to provide a great remote experience for those who cannot be there in person with us in Mumbai after the event.


We are looking forward to receiving many applications from experienced speakers and newcomers. We will open the CFP soon and will have speakers and agenda announced by early May. We welcome submissions with different talk formats including workshops, lighting talks, BoF sessions, and regular, 30-minute talks. The themes we are targeting are:


KCD is a community-organized and not-for-profit event and would not be possible without our partners. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of and support this community event. If you have questions about the sponsorship or would like to discuss it in more detail, please reach out to, you can see the sponsor packages available in the sponsor prospectus. We welcome community projects and influencers to be community sponsors too. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions at


We are open to anyone who wants to help, please get in touch via email ( or drop us a line in the #kcd-mumbai channel on CNCF Slack.

Who's behind?

The event is organized by Rohit GhumareSaiyam Pathak, and Saloni Narang and supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation; a diverse group of volunteers from local communities and companies form the core team; we are open to more volunteers, please send us an email if you want to join the team. We follow and embrace the CNCF Event Code of Conduct and we expect all attendees and sponsors to follow it too. We are a diverse and inclusive community and we strive for our values of tolerance, respect, and integrity.

Diversity and Inclusion

If you’re unable to afford a ticket, we may be able to help with our diversity and inclusion tickets, kindly sponsored by members and organizations within our community. If you identify with one of these three diversity categories or have any other reason that you would consider valid, please apply for a diversity ticket by contacting us via:

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Slack: #kcd-mumbai-community channel on CNCF slack



Contact us at or drop us a line in the #kcd-mumbai-community channel on CNCF Slack.

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