About Kubernetes Community Days

Kubernetes Community Days (KCDs) are community-organized events that gather adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities for education, collaboration, and networking. KCDs are supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). These fun, locally-defined events help grow and sustain the Kubernetes community.

We’d like to thank DevOpsDays and OpenStack Days for providing some of the core ideas and content for this document.

KCDs can be in person, virtual, or hybrid. In person is strongly encouraged when possible. Virtual events are run on the Cloud Native Community Groups platform, powered by Bevy .

Interested in Hosting a Kubernetes Community Day?

Any city or region can host a Kubernetes Community Day. Each local KCD event team handles its own sponsorships, registration, and logistics. Check if there is a KCD event scheduled in your area on the issue board. If there is already an event scheduled, you can reach out to the organizers and offer to help. The CNCF supports KCDs with guidance and event promotion via CNCF newsletters, blog posts, and social media channels.

This quick start guide covers all aspects of holding a successful event. Please keep in mind that Kubernetes Community Days are:

Assembling Your Team

The first step towards a successful event is building a team. Look for potential team members in local user groups and Meetups, such as the CNCF Community Groups, or online in the public Kubernetes slack or other related online communities.

Check the GitHub Kubernetes Community Days discussions to see if others have expressed interest in organizing an event in your area. If there are no GitHub discussions or issues for your area, create a discussion asking if others are interested in organizing an event with you. After your team is assembled, we encourage you to have regular meetings for planning purposes. If you would like to record your meetings or need a conference line, CNCF can provide a Zoom URL. Please contact a Core Organizer for access or to learn more.

We recommend assigning the following responsibilities to one or two members of your organizing team:

Getting Started Checklist

Once you have found and organized your team through GitHub discussions, it is time to start planning!

Once your team meets these criteria, you can create a GitHub issue to notify CNCF that you wish to be officially recognized. Your organizing team will be invited to the #kcd-organizers private Slack channel where you can connect with other Kubernetes Community Days organizers around the world. At this time, the Core Organizers will also grant you access to our preferred tools and create email aliases (for general organizers and sponsorships). You can then begin creating your CfP and event site.

* For the launch of KCD, we are standardizing on familiar tools to enable CNCF support and KCD Organizers to support each other. We understand the challenge of using new services and the specific privacy policies of the selected software.

** Where our standard tools are blocked, CNCF will work with KCD organizers to determine alternatives.

** For the launch, we want to ensure that each KCD is successful. Part of ensuring the success of the event is to have the first 3 sponsors committed. We acknowledge requiring KCD Organizers to have 3 sponsors committed prior to the approval of your event can be challenging.

Event Details

Events may be developer-focused, or they can cover on business issues and cloud strategy. Attendance averages 100-400 people. Most start small and grow slowly. Again, Kubernetes Community Days are not to be used for commercial pitches. Any platforms or tools you are describing the need to be open source. That said, many (most?) talks will be about how companies relied on open source technologies to improve their processes. Event profits must be reinvested in future years. Organizers should be reimbursed for their actual expenses reimbursed, but not their time.

Other considerations:

Logos and Trademarks

Once your event and name have been accepted, you are authorized by CNCF to use that name (e.g., Kubernetes Community Days Bouvet Island). Please design a custom logo for your event. The logo is not permitted to include the Kubernetes Wheel (in whole or in part). The event logo must include the event name. You are welcome to include the CNCF logo in your event logo and graphics; you’re also welcome to use Phippy and friends (high-res versions available in the artwork repo.

Please post your logo in SVG format, as explained in this blog post.

All events must be called “Kubernetes Community Days LOCATION”, e.g. Kubernetes Community Days Bouvet Island.

Kubernetes Community Days Planning Tools

Core Organizers

The current organizers are Bill Mulligan and Ihor Dvoretskyi.

You can reach us at kcd@cncf.io or on the CNCF Slack. Create a free account  and come to the #kcd-formation  channel.