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This is a meetup for all application developers who want to get familiar with Kubernetes and container technologies. Developers can leverage these technologies at work and for side projects to build scalable software from the get-go. Kubernetes and containers make it possible for developers to deploy and manage their code without needing devops or sysadmin skills.

If you'd like to talk about your experience with Kubernetes to the community, or would like to conduct a tutorial/demo, please reach out to us on a message, and we'll schedule a session :)

About Hasura: Hasura is a CNCF member and a certified Kubernetes platform partner ( Hasura leverages Kubernetes to make application development extremely fast and scalable. Hasura comes powered with instant backend APIs for data, auth and files to abstract all of the repetitive and mundane portions of application development, while still building powerful applications on a modern, cutting-edge stack. (

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