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Welcome to the Cloud Native Computing Linz Community Group!

If you believe that Cloud Native is the future of IT then you are at the right place.

Our goal with the group is to help the Cloud Native community to grow even more and bring together people that inspire, support, and challenge each other sharing from the basics to the most advanced topics.

There are hundreds of open source projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Landscape, and this group is open to everyone that is interested in those projects, no matter if you are a newbie or an expert, you are invited to join, learn and share from others experience and become part of this awesome community.

If you would like to give a talk or sponsor an event, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.

All events of the Cloud Native Computing Linz group follow the CNCF Code of Conduct. Our primary goal is to be inclusive to the largest number of contributors, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible.

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