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Welcome to the OpenTelemetry CNCF community group, where you can find events organized by the OpenTelemetry End-User SIG, including OTel Q&A, OTel in Practice, feedback sessions, and others.

OpenTelemetry is an Observability framework and toolkit designed to create and manage telemetry data such as traces, metrics, and logs. Crucially, OpenTelemetry is vendor- and tool-agnostic, meaning that it can be used with a broad variety of Observability backends, including open source tools like Jaeger and Prometheus, as well as commercial offerings.

OpenTelemetry is not an observability backend like Jaeger, Prometheus, or other commercial vendors. OpenTelemetry is focused on the generation, collection, management, and export of telemetry. A major goal of OpenTelemetry is that you can easily instrument your applications or systems, no matter their language, infrastructure, or runtime environment. Crucially, the storage and visualization of telemetry is intentionally left to other tools.

Past events

Online Event (virtual)

An End User Q-and-A With Embrace


Adriana Villela

Sr. Staff Developer Advocate
ServiceNow Cloud Observability

Reese Lee

Sr. Developer Relations Engineer
New Relic

Daniel Blanco

Principal Software Engineer

Rynn Mancuso

Senior Developer Community Manager

Hope Oluwalolope

Software engineer

Ana Medina

Sr. Staff Developer Advocate