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Welcome to the Cloud Native Rawalpindi Chapter, a community dedicated to exploring cloud-native technologies in Pakistan. Our group provides a friendly space for tech enthusiasts and professionals to connect and share knowledge. We organize regular meetups, workshops, and events covering topics like containerization, microservices, and Kubernetes. Whether you're an experienced developer or new to the field, Cloud Native Rawalpindi is an inclusive space for learning and growth in the world of cloud-native computing.

We aim to build connections and encourage dialogue among individuals, startups, and enterprises. Through informative presentations and interactive sessions, members stay informed about trends and best practices, contributing to the growth of cloud-native solutions in Rawalpindi and beyond. Join us on this journey at Cloud Native Rawalpindi, where innovation and community come together!

Upcoming events

28 jul 2024

Online Event (virtual)

Empowering Rawalpindi with Cloud Native Technologies

Join us for the inaugural event of the Cloud Native Rawalpindi Chapter! Dive into the world of cloud-native technologies and learn how they can transform your applications and infrastructure.


Muhammad Zia Un Nabi Janjua