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Welcome to the Stockholm Cloud Native Community Group!

This group is all about Kubernetes and Cloud Native, and technologies within the CNCF eco-system. We are a group of people passionate about these technologies that would like to share our experiences and have lively technology discussions. We host talks from anyone doing cool things with Kubernetes, and other CNCF technologies. This include companies using them in production or vendors who are pushing the boundaries of what the cloud native technology can do. 

Join us to share your experience from running Kubernetes, or learn from others! 

Presentations will be focused on a few introduction slides followed by guides, workshops, adoption stories and demos. No sales pitches, please. 
The meetup will be organized in an open and democratic way, where anyone that wants to help out organizing or speaking will be truly welcome. We do strive to be a local Stockholm community group, but anyone is welcome to join. 

How to get involved:
Speak at an event. Reach out to organizers to pich 
Sponsor an event. 

To become an organizer or speaker, please reach out to the current organizers! 

This meetup's official language is English; the conversations and presentations will be in English. 

Please join the Cloud Native Nordics Slack Community for further discussions:

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.