Technical Advisory Groups

TAG Runtime


Scope of the TAG

Workload execution and management systems, components and interfaces used in modern cloud-native environments are in scope, including:

  • generalized orchestration, autoscaling, scheduling, execution, container runtimes, sandboxing, virtualization, image packaging/distribution and specialized architectures thereof, e.g.
  • those aimed specifically at Edge, IoT, Batch, Big Data, AI/ML, etc
  • those incorporating specialized computing elements beyond CPUs, including GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, etc.

We strive to understand the fundamental characteristics of different approaches with respect to availability, scalability, performance, consistency, ease-of-use, cost and operational complexity; and relate these to their suitability to various cloud-native use cases.



Ricardo Aravena

TAG Chair

Alex Scammon

Batch WG