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It is a community to share about Cloud Native technologies and the projects hosted by CNCF!
In recent years, container-related ecosystems have increased a lot.
I would like to use this community as a place to present and share their technical verification results etc.
We are looking for fellows.

This meetup community is same as following. You can find detailed information at connpass pages.

Please register at connpass or please contact me (twitter: @amsy810).

Cloud Native に近しい技術や CNCF がホストするプロジェクトについて共有し合う会です!
昨今はコンテナ関係のエコシステムが大量に増えてきましたが、それらの技術検証結果などを発表しあう 場として利用していきたいと思っており、仲間を募集しております。

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