Marcello Lustro

  • Bergamo
  • Marketing and Advertising
Kubernetes · AI · advertising · Marketing · Multi-Cloud · IVR · cooking

About Me

Data Analyst | Focus on Project Management and Negotiation | Challenge Lover, Pragmatist and Team Worker My passion for management and data analysis stems from my passion for RTS and military history; I approach every challenge as an enemy to be studied, faced and overcome. My core competencies are: ★ Project Management: Whether leading or being part of a project team, I always try to create a positive, confident and goal-driven environment. My diverse backgrounds and work experience have taught me to approach challenges with humility and an eclectic approach to problem solving. ★ Consulting: I offer consulting services in Data Analysis and Re-pricing through Aimondo SaaS; so that the client always sells at the best price and with the best profit. ★ Training: I organise customised workshops to learn how to best use Aimondo SaaS. ★ Negotiation: I worked for 7 years in the family Import & Export company Kolges srl , a historical company from Bergamo that has been operating for 3 generations and more than 50 years in exporting to the ministries of health and energy of the major North African countries and the Middle East. Often dealing with foreign customers has led me to have a very high command of the English language and to understand the importance of putting myself in the shoes of people with different cultures and mentalities, greatly increasing my negotiating skills.