Giri Kuncoro


About Me

Giri Kuncoro is currently working for Gojek, one of the fastest growing unicorns in South East Asia. He is focusing on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud native infrastructure. Giri is also an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Google Developer Expert. Previously, he was an early engineer for Pivotal Container Service and VMware Kubernetes Engine projects in Silicon Valley. He is a Kubernetes (docs) maintainer and used to be part of the Kubernetes release engineering team. Giri organizes a sub-special interest group to localize Kubernetes docs to Indonesian language, and is a leader in the community. He is known to organize monthly Kubernetes/CloudNative meetups and workshops in Jakarta as well as few other cities. He obtained his Master in Computer and Information Science from Cornell University, recognized with excellence award. Giri lives in Jakarta and spends his free time playing piano.