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Cloud Native Vancouver (CNV) is the official CNCF chapter in Vancouver, Canada, led by a vibrant community of individuals passionate about advancing cloud-native technologies. We host virtual events and meetups throughout the Vancouver region, offering valuable networking opportunities for members to collaborate, share ideas, and learn about cloud-native technologies and best practices.

Our group serves as a central hub for enthusiasts interested in Kubernetes, the industry-standard container orchestration platform. We are deeply engaged with topics such as containers, multi-cluster orchestration, Service Mesh, and the diverse ecosystem of tools and technologies that empower effective Kubernetes management at scale.

Whether you're an experienced professional, a curious beginner, or simply eager to connect with like-minded individuals, Cloud Native Vancouver is the place for you.

We welcome engaging content, insightful demos, and supportive sponsors to help us grow and thrive together.

If you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring our meetup, please contact us. 

Upcoming events

14 jun 2024


2024: Cloud Native Vancouver Kickoff 🇨🇦

Join us at Northeastern University for our first event of the year, it will be an evening packed with networking, learning, and fun, hosted by Cloud Native Vancouver 🇨🇦, an official CNCF community group.


Fernando Rocha

I do a lot of stuff

Raj Kancherla

SRE, DevOps, O11y, MLOPs
Cloud Native Vancouver Chapter Lead

Jhan Carlos Silva Martinez

DevOps Engineer/Cloud Engineer

Pranoy V

Chapter Lead

Sam Huo

Chapter Lead

Christopher Crow

Cloud Architect


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