DoK #47 FullStack OpenSource Observability using SigNoz

Data on Kubernetes
Fri, Apr 30, 2021, 5:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

In the talk, we shall dive deep into the latest open-source tools like Prometheus and Jaeger and our journey in using them and ultimately building our own open-source observability tool, SigNoz. We shall discuss: - What is Observability? The 3 pillars of Observability - Metrics, Traces, and Logs - How is monitoring different than observability? - The hard things about Prometheus? - Why Distributed Tracing became so important? - Running both Prometheus and Jaeger to get metrics + traces. How complex can it go? - Pros and cons of using SaaS vs OSS solutions. Why self-host in the 21st century? - Why we built SigNoz? - What is OpenTelemetry? How to instrument a sample app using OpenTelemetry? - Demo of SigNoz to get detailed insights into your applications