DoK #47 FullStack OpenSource Observability using SigNoz

Data on Kubernetes
Fri, Apr 30, 5:00 AM (PDT)

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In the talk, we shall dive deep into the latest open-source tools like Prometheus and Jaeger and our journey in using them and ultimately building our own open-source observability tool, SigNoz. We shall discuss: - What is Observability? The 3 pillars of Observability - Metrics, Traces, and Logs - How is monitoring different than observability? - The hard things about Prometheus? - Why Distributed Tracing became so important? - Running both Prometheus and Jaeger to get metrics + traces. How complex can it go? - Pros and cons of using SaaS vs OSS solutions. Why self-host in the 21st century? - Why we built SigNoz? - What is OpenTelemetry? How to instrument a sample app using OpenTelemetry? - Demo of SigNoz to get detailed insights into your applications


  • Ankit Nayan

    Ankit Nayan



    Ankit is co-founder and maintainer at SigNoz which is a part of the Y Combinator W21 batch. Ankit loves to discuss new technologies and the problems they solve. He believes technology will be more profoundly used in the future to scale business needs. He is now passionate about the application performance monitoring space and loves talking to developers about how they do it today. When not work...

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