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90% believe Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads, but few patterns exist for building and operating data-centric applications on Kubernetes. The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) exists to help end users jumpstart or advance your journey running data on Kubernetes.

We have content for seasoned pros and those who are just getting started. We hope you'll join us our virtual meetups that spotlight DoK case studies, use cases, how-tos and more!

## Learn

DoKC has produced a range of resources for end users looking to run DoK including:
  • DoK Landscape. An interactive landscape of products and services for running data workloads on Kubernetes.
  • Videos and Blogs. Over 700+ videos and blogs including how tos, tutorials, use cases, case studies, and more.
  • DoK Reports. DoKC works with an independent research firm to annually produce the industry’s only DoK-focused report.
  • Livestreams and Local Meetups. Regular virtual livestreams on DoK-related topics including demos, tutorials, visionary talks, panels, and more.
  • DoK Days @ KubeCon. We host hybrid events for people to get together and learn in-person or online. Details are published on our main website.

## Communicate

You can connect with us in many ways. Below is a list of our primary channels to join discussions within DoKC:

Slack - join thousands of other practitioners to discuss DoK.

YouTube - hundreds of videos to learn DoK.

Twitter @DoKCommunity - DoK-related content and info.

LinkedIn - DoK-related content and info.

## Contribute

Host your own local, in-person meetup. Join the DoK Slack #wg-events for details on how to start your own local meetup.

We also facilitate the DoK Operator Special Interest Group (SIG) that discusses ways to solve operator challenges on behalf of end users. Join the DoK Slack #sig-operator to learn more and participate.

Past events

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DoKC Town Hall #1 - Comcast and Netflix


DoK Amsterdam Meetup at Adyen's Rokin Office [In Person]

Online Event (virtual)

The Outer Nerd #002 - Gettin' lit with Literature!

Online Event (virtual)

Dungeons & Dragons - Why should you care? // The Outer Nerd #001



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