DoK Students Day 2022

Data on Kubernetes

May 4, 2022, 12:45 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event

Running Stateful workloads may be challenging, but it's something we need to make as inclusive as possible in order to better understand it. Join us for an action-packed afternoon of talks from working professionals and our DoK interns. Talks, panels, live music, you know how we do it!

About this event

The second time we're doing a DoK Students Day and we are ready to rock it! We've got all kinds of content showing the different parts of the DoK ecosystem. See how we are learning and applying these technologies directly in our community. 



Wednesday, May 4, 2022
12:45 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


Welcome to DoK Students Day
Update with the Founding Interns!
The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in Open Source- Bill Mulligan
The Five Whys of DoK- Sylvain Kalache
Team Work- Nellie Tobey
Kubernetes: The Architecture Framework of Serverless Databases- Harsh Singh
Musical Break
Who is Kunal Kushwaha? AMA with Kunal
Open Source Communication
Musical Break
The Golden Rule in Open Source
From Student to Senior: Career Development 101- Tiffany Jachja
Kubernetes Made Easy- Shivam Tyagi
What you should know before doing DoK- Lakshay Nasa
The best way to get involved is to get involved(in DoK)!- Arpit Agrawal
Operators- Yash Gangwar
Music Break
Containerizing Applications- Deep Nandre
MongoDB on Kubernetes- Abhiram Gullapalli
Getting Started with Docker- Rishti Suman Dey
Postgres on Kubernetes- Mohd Nawaz Siddiqi
Intro to Rap God Project- Abhijith Ganesh
Challenges of Running Data on K8s- Stuti Mishra
Getting Started with GitOps- Amit and Atharv
Storage on K8s with OpenEBS- Mainak Biswas


  • Paul Au

    Community Manager

  • Melissa Logan


  • Diogenese Topper

    Data on Kubernetes Community