Dok Talks #147 - Evaluating Cloud Native Storage Vendors

Data on Kubernetes
Thu, Sep 1, 2022, 7:00 AM (PDT)

Dinesh Majrekar - CTO, Civo

About this event


In a continuation of a talk given at DoK day at KubeCon EU 2022, join Dinesh Majrekar, Civo's CTO as they walk through their evaluation process of the CNCF Storage market.

Civo offers managed Kubernetes clusters powered by K3s to customers around the world. We manage thousands of Virtual Machines and stateful customer data within multiple data centres across several continents.

In late 2021, Civo had the opportunity to evaluate the CNCF storage landscape to move to a new technology stack. During the migration project, Civo evaluated Mayastor, Ondat, Ceph and Longhorn against the following metrics:

- Scalability

- Performance

- Ease of Support

Attendants will see practical examples on how they could carry out their own similar evaluation and see some of the results of the Civo research project.