DoK Talks #83- (Further) Exploring DataOps and Kubernetes

Data on Kubernetes
Wed, Sep 8, 2021, 7:00 AM (PDT)

About this event


Randy will discuss the increasing importance of DataOps to the modern analytics-driven enterprise and how it integrates with continuous development and operations environments. He’ll illustrate how Kubernetes enables DataOps across four common patterns used for continuous data integration: batch, streaming, microservice and ETL solutions. Randy will also explain how these design patterns – in concert with automation, CI/CD and containerization – can be applied to high-scale data integration scenarios, creating an environment that supports rapid development of elastic analytics solutions.


Randy Abernethy is a Managing Partner at RX-M, a cloud native advisory and training firm. He is a tech entrepreneur, startup advisor, financial technology pioneer, Apache Thrift committer, Cloud Native Ambassador and author. Randy’s work allows him to pursue his passion for large scale distributed systems and all things cloud native. Interacting with hundreds of technology professionals each year, he stays highly connected with the latest software and platform trends and developments. Randy enjoys collaborating and networking with individuals around the world.