DoK Talks #91- Leveraging Druid Operator to manage Apache Druid on Kubernetes

Data on Kubernetes

Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

Virtual event

About this event


This talk will introduce Druid-Operator ( and how Kubernetes and Operator framework can be used to write an operator that enables provisioning, management, and scaling of a complex cluster of Apache Druid to 1000s of nodes.

This talk will cover why Kubernetes and the operator framework is a perfect fit for managing a complex stateful application. Learnings and pitfalls faced while writing the Druid-Operator and the special considerations to be taken into account when managing and scaling a stateful application.


Adheip Singh is a software engineer at Rill Data Inc. He is maintainer of druid-operator and kubectl-druid-plugin. Active contributor the operator ecosystem.


1.This session will help anyone looking for running Apache Druid on Kubernetes

2.It will help understand how someone can write operators to simplify the management of complex applications

3.Special considerations to take into account when managing and scaling a stateful application.

4.How to scope an operator within multiple namespaces

5.Druid operator features and how it scales and manages the underlying statefulsets and deployments.