DokSpecials - Ask Us Anything About Postgres

Data on Kubernetes
Tue, Feb 22, 2022, 9:30 AM (PST)

Álvaro Hernández - Founder, OnGres Gabriele Bartolini - VP of Cloud Native, EDB Ryan Booz - Developer Advocate, Timescale

About this event


In this session we will review the place of data in K8s – from abstraction to physical layer, and the importance of a strong data persistency layer as a distributed system within K8s (what is called Kubernetes Native Storage) and sharing some details on Ionir in that aspects. We will cover what all that means to databases and consumers of k8s data, and how operators help us navigate and deploy databases on kubernetes. We will host a roundtable with Percona, Datastax and Ongress to share the highlights on how each solution provides answers in that space.

We will close with an Expert Panel, receiving and answering questions from the audience and sharing additional best practices and thoughts.